How to break free, with Broken Wings…

“I’ve learnt to fly with broken wings,

And learnt that flight is not only for kings

but also for every queen,

who regardless of the labels life has given her,

still chooses to win!”- thabi mlambo


There is power in a broken spirit when the love of God comes in through the cracks, revealing that there is more there than what it lacks.

Sometimes we try hard to be what the men in our lives want us to be- a certain type of beauty, a certain type of sexy, a certain type of woman. When we feel that we don’t meet their standards, we feel that we lack.

But there is more in a woman, she is not here to satisfy the pleasures and cravings of perverted men. She is here to fulfill her destiny. 

God told me to tell my generation that:

 “without purity it is impossible to fulfill the destiny God has for you!”

This message is supported by Romans 12:1-3.

Living a pure life gives you boldness, and gives you your voice back, as you shout “I AM FREE! I am free from feeling like I am not enough.”

But living a pure life is not easy and I understand. I am here to help…as I share with you what has helped me over the years and what still helps me. I want to help you discover and reach your destiny. 

You are more than what some men want you for!

I am here to help you break free from that relationship that is standing in the way between you, God and your destiny.

You can break free from the fear of being alone.

It is time to fearlessly go after your destiny! You re not here for the desires of a man but for God’s plan. 

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