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“I’ve learnt to fly with broken wings,

And learnt that flight is not only for kings

but also for every queen,

who regardless of the labels life has given her,

still chooses to win!”- thabi mlambo

Constantly finding ‘love’ that is painful, many of us eventually accept that ‘love hurts’ and receive the hurt and abuse as part of the package; too afraid to break free, too afraid to be free and not knowing that we are allowed to be.

Ladies, we try hard to be what the men in our lives want us to be:

-a certain type of sexy,

-a certain type of beautiful,

-a certain type of woman.

But you are more than what some men want you for!

My name is Thabi Mlambo and I want to help you discover or re-discover yourself, your beauty, your worth and your destiny- things you maybe have forgotten because of the men who have cut off your wings and made you crawl when you can fly!

I want you help you get back your wings to fly free into your destiny. It is waiting for you!

Forgive yourself. It is time to break free and start over. It is time to be a woman free!




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